• Mia blends the admirable richness of nature with the elegance of marble, bringing dynamism to living spaces
  • Modern marble tile designs have texture and charm that take cues from ancient ideas without compromising style. Likewise, marble has become a symbol of refined taste. The natural variance of patterns and colors are ideal for projects that need the royal treatment. Mia collection is breathtaking, timeless and fitting for popular trends.
  • The Mia Collection recreates one of the most beautiful, most prestigious materials the world has ever known, marble. A lovely, luminous, clean, elegant, crisp, harmonic, inspiring material. This series, in 60×120, 30x120and 100×100,  rectified technical Porcelain tiles, is available in full lappato finish.


60X120 MIA FACE-1

60X120 MIA FACE-2

60X120 MIA FACE-3

PRODUCTS 100*100

100X100 MIA FACE-1